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The purpose of this notice is to provide you with information regarding a meeting held with Tribal Members Fred Parmalee Sr, Melissa Wesaw and the Rhode Island Indian Council shortly before Christmas. Fred and Melissa were in attendance to represent our Tribe regarding an opportunity to gain access to culturally competent health care services.


Indian Health Service (IHS) is the principal Federal health care provider and health advocate for American Indian and Alaska Native people, and its mission is to raise the physical, mental, social and spiritual health of American Indians and Alaska Natives to the highest level. The New York Indian Council (NYIC), a subsidiary of the Rhode Island Indian Council, has entered into a contract with IHS, and is now serving as the Urban Indian Health Program for the NYC metropolitan area, including central and western Connecticut. The program coordinates access to health care services through case management, provides substance abuse counseling and health education at no cost.


All enrolled members, first and second-degree descendants of the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation of Connecticut are eligible for enrollment into NYIC’s Urban Indian Health Program to receive free case management, substance abuse counseling and health education. NYIC can assist uninsured members to determine what insurance program they qualify for and assist in the enrollment process.


Rhode Island Indian Council will be coordinating a meeting in February to introduce the New York Indian Council to the Schaghticoke Tribal members and perform intake for this service. At this meeting it should take approximately 10-15 minutes per person for intake to be completed. Please bring a government issued identification card and your tribal enrollment or descendancy documentation. Once enrolled, your case manager will assess your health needs, coordinate and refer you to the appropriate health services. In most scenarios, based on income, NYIC will refer the client to free or reduced cost healthcare services. This is an outstanding opportunity to access culturally competent care in a supportive environment.


Another opportunity that is available is college tuition assistance, college classes offered through our Tribal Office, as well as tuition assistance for various certificate programs such as EMT, carpenters, etc. through the Connecticut Indian Council ‘s work assistance program, for our Workforce Program (WIOA) please contact our WIOA Case Manager/Outreach Coordinator Ms. Brooke Waldron at bwaldron@rhodeislandindiancouncil.org telephone: (718) 215-8417 extension 314.


If you are interested, please refer to our website: www.Schaghticoke.com or you can contact Sutton King, Indian Health Services Wellness Director at (718) 215 – 8417, extension 315 for additional information about Indian Health Services.


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Street Talk interview of Schaghticoke Chief Velky, with Dominic Cotton. 3/20/2018



Thank you for visiting the official website of the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation (STN), a Native American Tribe located in Kent, CT. The Schaghticoke Tribe has been a state recognized tribe for over 300 years. Our reservation, granted in 1736 by the General Assembly of the Colony of Connecticut, is one of the oldest in the United States.  It encompasses roughly 400 acres between the western bank of the Housatonic River and New York state.  A national trail system, the Appalachian Trail, passes through the scenic reservation near the historical Schaghticoke rattlesnake den.


Today, the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation continues their struggle for federal recognition.  Although STN was granted federal recognition in 2004, it was unjustly reversed on Columbus Day in 2005 due to heavy political influence by Connecticut politicians and backing by wealthy land owners.  It is STN’s mission to have their recognition restored.

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