STN Scholarship Recipients & Achievements

Congratulations To STN Scholarship Recipients Melissa Wesaw & Brianna Velky For The Fall 2018 Semester !


Congratulations To STN Member Brooke Parmalee & The Entire Native American Cultural Program Team For There Continued Support!!



***All STN scholarship awards are per the approval of Council member Fred Parmalee Sr. & Treasurer Joseph Velky Jr.

$250/semester or $500 totally can be sent to the financial aid office of a college or university where the tribal member carries a cumulative 2.3 Grade Point Average (C+) and applies with a copy of their most recent transcript.  A schedule of courses is sufficient for new students. For additional information, please email Joseph Velky Jr @ or Frederick Parmalee Sr @

***The Institute for American Indian Studies (IAIS) located in Washington CT has internship opportunities available and they are also looking for Educators for there Museum program. For additional information, please contact IAIS @ 860-868-0518 or via email at


***Don’t forget the CT Indian Council can help with tuition or books!! Please call Brooke or Chester @ 860-535-1277 for additional information.